Hello friends:

What do you know about Islam?

Im muslim girl.i know that your information about Islam are from media,

but some times these media may not be fair for many political reasons.

So I can help you all to learn Islam, and I promise you all to be honest and fair,

Im waiting for your questions?
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I agree with u strongly Doll and I think Islam is agreat religion that no one can complete ISLAMIC RULES in such as this short topic

any way if there is any question u want to know about Islam just ask

thank u
About ur question anonymouse

in islam ur father , brothers,sister inlow, brother in low, uncules, grandparents and ur mother and father grand parents

are called maharem and u dont cover ur hair with them bue u should wear a long clothes which domt apear many part of ur body

and u can reed sorat AL NESAA in Al Quraan

and reed its explantation in this link

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First Of all i want to know that are you following every thing or every ritual that Quran say's

Why Jihad(Holy War). i dont know how the hell a war can be holy,
Especially these days Muslims and Islam have two different ways to go. What they call Jihad is not Jihad, it's politics.
Anon. if you want to understand something deeply about Islam you should comment it regarding the time when all this things happened or else you may think that such a war can not be fair and login in before posting anything don't be afraid:D
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Cihad means '' use your all power'' but not in war of course. for praise and in all our life. And it s not war I say again.
Dear Miss muslima,

Happy to find such a fellow. May i ask that we have heard that woman has been created from twisted rib of Adam. Is it true? If yes what is its meaning and significance?

Please want to know why am been unwell since few months,like every week had a new problem

such as liver disease,then,a broken wrist,dental problem,family,and landlord,money,etc
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I sounds as though you have been unlucky.
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