Hello friends:

What do you know about Islam?

Im muslim girl.i know that your information about Islam are from media,

but some times these media may not be fair for many political reasons.

So I can help you all to learn Islam, and I promise you all to be honest and fair,

Im waiting for your questions?
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Hi. Anon.,

Nona is right your situation has nothing to do with religion and please don't exaggerate your situation.

i m in love with an ahmadi guy n i wanna marry him.

will it b right on my side 2 marry him as ahmadi's r considered as non muslims.

i hope i'll get ur reply as soon as possible.
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i m in love with an ahmadi guy n i wanna marry him.

will it b right on my part 2 marry him as ahmadi's r considered as non muslims.
I thought that a couple was able to marry in Islam as long as they were believers..maybe it's only possible for men! I still know very few about Islam!:(
A Muslim woman can't marry with a non-believer.
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Hey Doll,

That means that if a Muslim woman fell in love with a believer (but not Muslim), she would be able to marry that man, right?

..talking about marriage, what would happen if the family of the girl, who are all Muslim, wants to marry their daughter and this one doesn't want to? What would happen if she refuses to marry because she is in love with another Muslim boy who at the same time is on love with her?

Thanks in advance!:D
DollA Muslim woman can't marry with a non-believer.
I think Doll's explanation is rather misleading because no one has the right to say people from other religions besides Islam are non-believers. I know Doll didn't intend to say that. As far as I know, Muslim girl can only marry Muslim guy according to Islamic Law. But I believe Muslim guy can marry girl from other Abrahamic religions such as Judaism and Christianity.

Discussing such issues on a certain forum is not good thing because here people are mostly not experts. They can give you misleading information. Some days ago, I asked a question ''is it allowed to drink the meat of donkey in Islam?''. Everyone said it's not allowed which means it's haram in Islam. This is not complete information because yesterday someone told me that eating the meat of pet donkey is not allowed but you can eat the meat of wild donkey i.e. zebra, if you wish. Many Muslims consider Kosher food halal i.e. Muslims can use food which is allowed in Judaism.

Someone asked ''can a Muslim girl marry guy who is Qadiani?''. My logic says it's not allowed since Qadiani (Marzayee or Ahmadi) are utterly considered as non-Muslims according to Islamic traditions.
Hi Pucca

Sorry for the interference but I find myslf obliged to reply to your post.

Considering your question, I think Doll means by believer , a believer in Islam which means Muslim. But a Muslim can marry a non-muslim woman. The reason for such a rule in Islam is already discussed in the forum look at Post: 2576 Post: 253890

About the 2nd question, any wali (one who is responsible for the family , either a father, brother, uncle..etc) should agree upon the right match who proposes the girl. At the same time he should never force her to marry out of her own will. If the man she loves is really in love with her, he should just propose her. That's all.

Hope you got it.Emotion: smile
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Jackson, it doesn't consist in believe all the things that person tells you but to take the main ideas..and get to your own conclusion! Emotion: smile I mean, if you want to make sure if you are right, you have to ask more about it, not only to one person since that person will explain the things from her or his point of view!;)
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