Hello friends:

What do you know about Islam?

Im muslim girl.i know that your information about Islam are from media,

but some times these media may not be fair for many political reasons.

So I can help you all to learn Islam, and I promise you all to be honest and fair,

Im waiting for your questions?
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Hello Mythical Lady,

Thanks for answering my questions! Yes, I got it (or at least I think so!:) )
First Of all i want to know that are you following every thing or every ritual that Quran say's

Why Jihad(Holy War). i dont know how the hell a war can be holy,

that's because jihad doesn't mean a holy war i don't know why is it translated as a holy war, jihad means stuggle that's all and there is no holy wars at all as u said i agree it's a very false concept yet jihad means struggle and to bear the pain that we might face for following islam as long as Kufar was against it(kufar were used to kill the early muslims and toture them )t that's why jihad is urged in Quran
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my name is faiza i want to ask some general questions u said u can haelp

plz mail my answers to my id that is

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1 which one is 1st GAZWA and which is last one?

2 What was relation between Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Jaffar Tayyar?

3 What is meant by SAYRD-U-SHUHADA?

4 What is name of our HOLY PROPHET written in INJEEL?

5 What did Hazrat Umar said before shadat?


i really need help in my islam hv gt family problem taht i need help with am chattin to a man which my family dnt know abt it becouse am scenet 2 tell them

what do u think i should do.


hi Jackson,

i have one question for you what does it mean Ahmadi or Qadiani, i never heard about this and iam interested to understand it more clearly plz

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Concerning the topic of this posts , i somehow agre that we cant discuss any religious topic if we dont have a great knowledge concerning it in order not to mislead people or to give wrong informatiion which is not good .However, we cant be stick only to narrowed subjects we can learn english also by discussing different topics For people who say that we are here for only learning English not for discussing religious things, How r u going to learn if u dont express ur self and say ur point of view and talk about different Issues, it will help u to encourage ur self to read more in order to be able to talk and acquire more Adecquate English for any circumstance .
Al salamo Alikom
I am so so sorry for not posting for long time.Really i miss you all..
ISA I will participate and answer you all.
First of all I want you to know some points:
1-Islam is a religion of love ,mercy and peace
2-Islam recognizes and respects all religions and messengers.
3-I am only trying to discuss islam with you as a friends cuz many of you do not kow islam well.
4- Telling fatwa is not my specialization
Al salamo Alikom friends:

I am so so sorry for not posting for long time .It was out of my hand.,really i miss you all.

Now I can participate and answer your questions.

PLS I want you all to know some points:

1-Islam confesses and respects all religins and messengers.

2- Islam is a religion of love , mercy and peace.

3- I am only trying to answering your questions about islam,cuz i know that many of you do not know islam well.

4-I do not like this thread to make any hate between members , we are all friends in this forum.

5-Telling fatwa is not my specialization.

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SdkDear Miss muslima,

Happy to find such a fellow. May i ask that we have heard that woman has been created from twisted rib of Adam. Is it true? If yes what is its meaning and significance?

Dear SDK , nice to meet you ,

You are completely right, this means that the origin of the creatures from a single father and a mother is for the matter of mercy, love, take care and help each other.

Adam is stronger than the woman so she will has been created from his twisted rib to protect and take care of her.
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