Hi there! I want to invite somebody to come here in Canada for a few months. Any sample format on how I will write it? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Burning Ice,

Welcome to the forums. Generally, people write a draft of their ideas, and we provide comments or edit as needed.

Just try writing what you want to say in simple sentences.
If you still need this info, this is what I found in another website

RE:Letter of Invitation for ______

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is ________, and I would ask that you accept this letter as my letter of invitation for ________ to visit me temporarily in Canada. I intend to financially support both _______ trip to and from Canada as well ______while she is in Canada. As _______ air ticket will have an expiry date, her trip to Canada will not exceed six months of her arrival date. I have also attached a recent bank statement to demonstrate that I have the funds to support _______during her stay in Canada. _____ will be residing with me during her stay.

My home address is:

For your information, I have included the following information about myself:
Canadian Passport # _____
Social Insurance # ______
Born ____________
Presently employed at __________ located at ________
Employee of ____ since XXXXX
Work #

In the event that you require further information about me and/or my inviation to ___ ______, feel free to contact me at ________or by mail at my aforementioned address.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my letter of invitation.

Mr _______

Hope this can help you
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Thank You, Cheers
Hi, I need to write a formal bussiness invitation letter for a bussiness metting to my client to apply a visa. please teach me how to write this letter. Thank you.
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As per www.gis.doc.ca you don't need to include yout bank statements at even more creasy idea to include SIN - The SIN card and SIN number should be kept in secret place and given for employment and revenue offices use. You give your passport/PR card, so it's more than enough.
hi, Thank you very much for your help in making an invitation letter to canada, You have help a lot of people like me. Hope there are lots of people like you, spending time on your pc to help others. Thanks again.
dear sir or madam,
this invitation letter has helped me alot.
i had been looking for perfect english writer to help me which is difficult, demand lot of services inreturn for such a help.
so today i found this letter on internet which is really really very informative and helpful, godbless you whoever wrote this letter, thanks alot.
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