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AnonymousCan anybody help me about this sentence. "__ there any drawing schools _ Washington, DC ?"
First, what is your choice, Anonymous?

My question is :

1) “did you see any cows”

2) “Do you see any cows”

3) “Did you see any cow”

Please Which of the above sentences is/are correct and why ? .....I said No2 (2) and (3)

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All of your sentences are incorrect because they are not punctuated correctly.

Please try to correct them and then repost them.

After that, I'll be happy to help you some more.


PS - I don't mean to be difficult, but why do so many learners of English think that punctuation errors are not real errors?

You’re just rude,You just said we’re “English learners”,so why don’t you correct me and attend to my question if you can.

The best way to tell me is by answering my question and then made my error/errors known to me after because that’s why you’re the teacher and I’m the student here.

Hi, Prosper023

I'm sorry that I have upset you.

Every day I devote a lot of my free time to trying to help people. I usually just correct punctuation and capital letters without saying anything, but there are days like yesterday when I get really tired of doing that. It wastes a lot of time that I could better spend helping people with other aspects of their English.

You may not realize that we who answer queries here are unpaid volunteers.


1) “Did you see any cows?This refers correctly to the past, eg yesterday.

2) “Do you see any cows? This refers correctly to right now, eg you are looking out of a car window.

It can also refer to a regular routine, eg every time you go to your friend's farm.

3) “Did you see any cow?This is correct, but we don't usually say it. You'd need a less common context, eg in which you are clearly talking about one cow or even no cows.

"I thought Tom had a cow, but did you see any cow when you visited him last week?


I see from your last post that you seem to know how to punctuate your English correctly. That being the case, I really don't understand why you didn't do that in your original query. It seems like such a simple and courteous thing to do.


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Thank you so much for replying and answering my question,I appreciate your work and at same time apologize for “you’re rude “ part in my previous message.


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In the above photo,is it correct to say “did you see any cow?” because I saw same sentence and “did you see any cow?” Was used instead of “did you see any cows?” .
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