Honestly, I'm not a lefty, I used my right hand to write most of the time but recently, I started to change. I want to start writing by left hand and moreover, to be ambidextrous. However, I don't know how to start properly, can anybody help me in order to master writing with left hand? And if my handwriting of the right hand is somewhat unintelligible, can my handwriting with left hand be more intelligible/ beautiful ?
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I am left-handed, and at once time thought it would be useful to write right-handed. It was very hard work and left my brain in a fog! I had to give up. The actual handwriting was no more legible than my usual one.

If you are strongly handed, it is not at all easy to change [though people have done so following physical damage - the brain does seem able to adapt in these cases]. It is also noticeable that a left-handed person is more flexible in using their right hand than right-handers are in using their left hand.
So what about people who are ambidextrous? Not to mention those who are naturally born, what about others who gained skills through practice?

I wonder if people hold pens in left hands as the same position and pose as in right hands?

And how do you called people who are

a) right handed

b) left handed

c) ambidextrous

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How a person holds a pen depends on the way in which they are taught, and their own physical motility. You will instinctively try to hold something the same way in either hand [given that there is no physical deformity].

People who are ambidextrous generally use one or other hand to write with. There have been well documented cases of such people being able to write with both hands at once, but it is a rare skill. The ambidextrousness more generally shows in that they will use either hand as the dominant hand to do something.

The terms you are using are what you call people.
I mean, people who are left handed called lefty, whereas right handed named righty, so how about ambidextrous?
BellyI mean, people who are left handed called lefty, whereas right handed named righty, so how about ambidextrous?
ambidextrous = what about double barrel?
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Im an ambitextrous person

I can right with my left and right but I use my left hand to write

I throw a football or play sports with my right
I am left handed but i can write with my right hand (just a little slower). But i brush my hair, throw things, stir, and drink with my right hand.
I use my right foot for kicking and stopping the ball in soccer.
My right eye is dominant (i use it more).
The only things i really do with my left hand is eating and writing.
Does that mean im lefty, righty or ambidextrous?
I'm right-handed, but I can do a thing with my left hand that I'll never do with my other hand...
scratch my right arm ^^
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