Hi everyone,

I love cinema. Recently i watched an american movie but i didn't get its name because it started some 15 munites before i saw it. The movie stars Julia Roberts. She plays the role of a young girl who was going to marry a divorced man with two children. It seemes his oldest daughter's name was Anne and his son was about 5 years of age. Both the wife and the girl tried all the way to get loved by the children. The wife always wanted to prove that the children were everything for her while the girl thought she deserved their love as well. The movie become moving to the audience when the wife knew she got cancer and she remained very little time. And when the children knew this, they, especially Anne got shocked. Anne even responded angrily because of her thought that her mon lied to her. Eventually, the children understood that their mom needed them for the rest of her life.

This is a great movie. I love it so much and love the music too. I was almost crying to some secenes. If anyone know its name, please tell me.
I'm not 100% sure but it sounds like the movie you refer to would also be starring Susan Sarandon as the ex-wife, while Julia Roberts plays the new girlfriend.

In which case this movie is 'Stepmom' by Chris Columbus, also featuring Ed Harris.
You might want to double check all this on Google !
Thank you so much! Thats it.

I didn't know Susan Sarandon before. She is a great actress. I more like the charcter by her than the one by Julia Roberts. This has become one of my most favourite movies.

I will check it.