Has anyone ever seen the word "abutment" used in the telecommunications jargon to mean "putting two different users of a phone service in contact"? I'm working on a translation and this concept keeps coming back and I can't find a proper noun for it. "Abutment" is the litteral translation of the French word "aboutement" used in the document; it seems to make sense given the definition but I couldn't find any convincing example of the word used in the telecommunications field.

If anyone has seen this word used in that sense or knows the actual term used, I would be grateful.

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I guess the golden rule here is `when in doubt leave it out'.

Abutment, however, is used in technical writing, and means `creating an interface between two disparate entities' . You are using the correct word.
WordWeb has the following definition for this word:

1. A masonry support that touches and directly receives thrust or pressure of an arch or bridge

2. Point of contact between two objects or parts
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I'm having the same problem right now! Do you remember if you found a solution for this? Thanks in advance...