Dear all,

I am writing a letter and hope the colleage consider my application. I want to extend the date of my assignment. Base on the policy of the colleage, they first poirity accept is the medical report. But I don't have it. So I try to write it by my self. Please help me to fix the letter.

Dear sir ,

My name is Leung Tze Fung, I am your student of the course 40007.

When I join this course, I can not predicted my suddendly change in my family and my job.

One of my family was passed, I have paid all my attendion on the follow up action. So I put all my work and study away. When I back to my work, I need to finished a lot of my pending job, so I work overtime everyweek, even on weekend. So that I cannot attend the tutior. I felt really pressure on this.

I am writing to ask for an extend all my assisgnment to the end of December. Please consider my application.

thank you for your time

sincerly yours ,

Leung Tze Fung

I'm a little confused by your mention of a medical report - is this your assignment or will they want one to extend your deadline?


I am your student on course 40007.

I am writing to request an extention on my assignment, to the end of December.

I am sorry that I have not been able to submit my assignment on time but I hope that you will understand. In ***(month) my ***(family member) passed away and I had to give all my attention to helping my family. Unfortunately both my studies and my work have suffered and my employer has made me work overtime, including weekends, to catch up.

(I wouldn't mention not attending your classes)

I will work very hard to catch up on my studies and I am sure I will be completely up-to-date again by the end of the month.
To Nona the brit,

the colleage said that they will accept the application whoes have medical problem, but I am healthy so I can not submit my medical report.

Anyway, thank you for your help, and I will send it tommorow, by the way, the letter at the end I need to write 'Regard' or just said 'thank you for your time sincerly yours ,' is OK??