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There can be many interpretations...for example the poet is talking about a thief but this is obvious so this thief may be a metaphor for death or even age...meaning how time ages everything...however the sentence'You are the thief who, one day, will -------seize all that I hold precious.' seems to be referring to death..as death seizes all. As for the dashes, i think that they are employed here to produce a somber, n slow rhythmic effect. They cause the reader to pause and consider what is being said. They help in bringing out the meaning and in conveying it to the readers effectively. Another thing that u may want to know that this device - excessive use of dashes- was quite often used by Emily Dickinson in her poems, and all her poems are about death. So it is just a coincidence:)..but it makes me think that the poet means death here..hope it helps u:)
Um, sorry. The poem doesn't mean she is cheated on by someone. The poem is about death, how you can't hide from it and that she is resigned to this fact. The hints that it is death, is the symbol she uses, scythe-curve which is a blade the grim reaper uses. Also, in the second stanza, it is mostly about how she can't hide from it and that death is everywhere and will not be denied entrance. The first stanza, she becomes aware of death and finally, in the last stanza, "I know your face too well. You are the thief who, one day, will seize all" that means she has probably had loved ones die and so she has experience with death. Also the last stanza means she knows she can't keep death out so she is resigned to death.

Devices used are alliteration in locked drilled doors and boards nailed to basement windows and cats prick cautious ears. Onomatopia used in covert crumble. Metaphor in your breath mingled with potpourri that scents my shelves and you pawed my intimate...

The tone of the poem is bitterness and is put into first person

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It is about death

The poem is actually written to death itself (grip reaper). The speaker is not afraid of death anymore and has excepted it. She says that death is stupid because of the people she has lost and when she says "what they leave behind", she might be referring to herself or someone bad or cruel. The fact that she is speaking to the grim reaper (who presents death) is confirmed with the phrase "the scythe-curve of your shadow". Scyth curve refers to the stick that grim reaper carries.