Hey guys..

Is here anyone who loves Bones like me? TV show or bones, like anthropology?
Yes, I like Bones, but living in Japan, I only see the earlier seasons.
It`s boring to examine bones.
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boring? have you ever try it?

why do you think it's boring?
I'm from Slovakia.. we don't have newest season here too. but I download new episodes..
what season do you have in Japan?
I'm not sure, Dagmar— it seems to be a scattering of seasons sometimes. Last week I watched an episode in which Booth had brain surgery, but this week there is no mention of it and Booth looks fine!
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Yeah, we have the same here.. Yesterday we've had an episode from season 4, today season 6..
sometimes we have 3 episodes in a row and first episode is season 6, then 3 and then 4.. it's really funny :-D