Hey can you people please tell me the history of spain and also about their culture,food,tradition,people and the their main business.
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mystical, Spain, western European country full of mountain ranges and sorrounded by sea is a mix of a lot of different cultures settled here (I am in Spain) along its History: Celt, Iberian, Greek, Carthaginian, Roman, Visigoth, Muslim, Christians. The Spanish of the North speaks, acts and has different personality than the Spanish of the South or the East or the interior. Landscape varies, climate too.

Hmmmm!! Thanx Elena but i still want to know more this much is not enongh.I want moreeeeeee information!!
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Do you know much about Andulucia? I love that area though I know so little about it.
Andalucía, the southern and biggest automous region, lots of different lanscapes, desert (Almería), damp areas (Doñana National Park), mountain ranges, coastline (Mediterranean and Atlantic) beaches, tourism, muslim art (Granada, Códoba and Sevilla) and more art and History. . People have different Andalousian accents depending on the province they are from. Sun is a word that fits perfectly with Andalucía but there is snow too on the mountains (Sierra Nevada)
I love the palaces left by the Moors about 500 years ago. The Alhambra in Granada is spectacular. The designs on the walls so intricate, so beautiful. My favourite city in Spain is Sevilla. The cathedral there is HUGE. Just walking along the streets is great. I recognised the Plaza España (in Sevilla) that they used in the second Star Wars movie. I love that plaza (square), it's so beautiful and a great place to hang out and relax or write.
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Thanx!! 4 the information i av read about Alhambra some where in a story book but i didn't know that much!!
i would love to know about the spanish culture, the traditions, the festivals!
Hi deepa, I am Spanish.

You are asking about festivals and that made me think in one of the well known festivals in Spain that I dislike profoundly, so, let me transform this post is a complaint aloud voice about it

bullfighting Emotion: sad

people who enjoy the 'festival' say that it is art ??? Emotion: hmm

but for me and a for many more it is... Emotion: ick!

poor bulls Emotion: sad

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