Do you know Miss Universe 2008 ?. Do you watch it on TV ?
The Miss Universe 2008 is held in Viet Nam and the contestants competed in " Ao dai" competition (Ao dai is a traditional dress in Viet Nam).
Do you know who the winner is ? And can you tell me what you know about "Ao dai" ?
Miss Nigeria and Miss Israel

Miss Brazil and Miss Turkey

Miss UK and Miss France

Miss Czech Republic and Miss Kosovo

Miss Slovak Republic and Miss South Africa

Miss Elsavador and Miss Colombia

Miss Tanzania and Miss USA

They're all winners for me-- all beauties to 'ao dai' for, certainly!
Yeah, they are all beautiful and elegant
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Miss France looks awesome in the costume [A]

Hey Hung, I believe it is "Áo dài" right?
yeah, It is "Áo dài".I don't add the diacritics because i affraid that peope don't understand what i mean