another question...
Can I say: telecommuting: Organization of work characterized by the fact that
the work is carried out apart from the traditional
traditional workplaces

To me, "apart from" is synonym to "except for", more or less. I'd tend to say "... work is not carried out in the trad ..."
"far from" is irrelevant here.

So, is 'apart from' correct (I have my doubts, but then...), or what could be used here?

Pieanne - I would agree, "apart from" is not right here. How about "away from the traditional workplaces" or "outside of the traditional workplaces"? Or, as you suggest, "work is not carried out in the traditional workplaces."
I'll choose outside of...
Thanks, Khoff, it is brilliant, and yet so simple Emotion: crying
It's a text my daughter sent me and that I'm supposed to edit - she studies management, and I'm afraid it is not really my cup of tea. Moreover, I never drink tea.