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lol cant u just write it for me
Dear [Mr. Love] <----- Put who ever you giving this letter to

I sincerely apologize for trying to steal.
I deeply regret all the trouble I have caused to [store/place name] as a result of my action. I feel remorseful in taking up your time with this ruckus I created. The only good of this situation is that I was caught; I feel strangely relieved. I can't express why I stole, and I can't say I didn't know it was wrong. I can only say it was a moment of poor decision. I guess has a lot to do with youth and stupidity of being in a group however, this is one I don't plan on falling prey to again.
I am deeply ashamed of the stupidity of my action, and can only promised to never repeat them.
It is presumptuous of me, but please accept my apologizes

Yours Sincerely,

[Victim of peer pressure] <---- insert your name
And for the Anon who said just give us a letter to get away with it, its cliche but "Crime doesn't pay" letters are only effective the first time, after that it doesn't matter now sincere you look and may by then how sincere you are. They wont believe you

Good Luck
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Haha good one!
im having the same issue, with walmart
its true try doing this here

Try following the regular letter format, and include

1) that you are sorry

2) if there is any reason why you did this - not to excuse yourself but so the person reading it might understand why

3) that you are ashamed of your actions and promise never to repeat them
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Hi Kanashu
I just wann a help from you for a sample letter of Prior theft acceptance. This i will get filled and signed from the employees coming to join in my company, this is a prior letter of each and every employees for accepting the actions taken against them for any theft or strange actions inside the working place.
It did help me I stole a speaker from b and m and I help me

I live in America but I was caught trying to take something under $5 at a small store back in March. I feel very bad for what I did. I know I cannot go back anymore, but I want to apologize to the employer in person that I disrespected and ask only for forgiveness. I swore after that incident I would never do what I did ever again for the rest of my days for as long as I live.

Should I do something about this or what?

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This is so helpful because in need to write a 250 word essay for a indent that shouldn't have happened. So the police station assigned that but thanks so much Email me back if you need to at Email Removed

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