I was asked to draft a apology letter to customer explaining that our company cannot fulfill/accept any more orders from them citing reason for tight production capacity.

Is this appropriate enough? Please advise.
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You will need to write what you have written in the letter so we can help you with it.
Just put a few dots in place of company names to keep it confidential.

Dear sir,
i am from the customer sevice, I apologize for ur incovenience due to our mistake, and we will take that this would not happen in
the future. And a person will be send to ur house as soon as possible,
Thank you for your kind co-ordenation,
Thanking you,
yours sicerely,
customer service
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Dear Mr. Xxxxx,

We apologize for your incovenience due to our mistake, and we will ensure you that this will not happen again. We will send a person to your home as soon as possible.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Fred Smith

Customer Service Representative

Best wishes, Clive
Dear Mam:

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We appreciate it when our customers make us aware of their perception of the manner in which they were treated while in our business. We realize that it is because of your help and others like you that we are able to provide services to families.

As I mentioned to you during our conversation, I sincerely apologize for your unprofessional experience. We will review your concerns with our employee along with our expectations to you as a customer.

I have also enclosed some literature for you to review regarding volunteers and membership. After you have reviewed, please call us with any questions. We need you as a volunteer and as a member.
hospital received a complaint letter from a regular pation.in the letter:he was kept wating by the receptionist when he come to admit himself on june,2008

the receptionist was rude to him and did not appologize for having kept him wating.

so,mr.potato head is the patien.he wanted the front desk personnel to be fied. deal wite the matter professionally and write a letter of appology to mr.pototo head.how i want to writte the letter..............
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Dear sir,

in the lost night our manger soddenly visiting to the site, that time our housekeeping member all are sleeping,
so i want apology letter, can you help me in this regrads, FYI.

Anonymousso i want apology letter, can you help me in this regrads
Start by using Clive's example above, adapt it to your needs, and post your letter here. We will check it for you.
Dear boss,

sorry of what you saw yesternight, those guys consumed more than 45 cartons of liquor and at that moment you visited they were at the maximum alcohol contents in their heads.

please sack them all and hire the dominant christian to cover their posts.

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