Can someone please help me with this:
which is correct 1) please accept our apologies 2) please accept our apology

I posted a question more than a month ago about business letters but did not get any reply. I hope you will be kind enough to answer this one.
Thank you in advance.
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Either one is okay. If there is only one thing you are apologizing for, then go with #2.
Both are grammatically correct, however the difference is not to do with how many things you are apologizing for, it has to do with how many people are apologizing. Because you are apologizing on behalf of your company (dept, team, etc.) you ought to use 'apologies'. So,
'please accept my apology' vs. 'please accept our apologies'
However, it is quite common to hear 'please accept my apologies' and I think this denotes that the speaker wants to apologize repeatedly or profusely (as in "I'm sorry, I'm really, really sorry!")

Hope this helps,

very clear, thank you so much.
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Hi Brian,

Thank you for the explanation. Though you answered someone else, it helps many others.

Thanks to englishforums.com too.
Perfect explanation : )
thank you brain.
Thanks a lot Brian, your explanation is perfect !
good enough .. thank you Emotion: smile
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