I think this poem is really good: plz read it!


A girl asks a boy:

,,Do you like me?"

He says no.

Then the girl asks:

,,Am I pretty?''

He answeres: ,,No."

She keeps on asking:

,, If I go, would you cry for me?''

He says: ,,No."

Then she asks: ,,Am I in your heart?"

He says no.

Sad she turned around and wanted to go, but then the boy held her arm. He said:

,, I don't like you, I LOVE YOU.

,,You are not pretty, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. [F]

,,I would not cry for you, I WOULD DIE FOR YOU.

,,You are not in my heart, YOU ARE MY HEART. [L]

(anonymous writer)
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Candidly, I think the chap has an ulterior motive.

damm this is a nice poem
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This was so cute! Loved it. Thanks for making me smile! Emotion: big smile
so cute Emotion: embarrassed
Really nice and beautiful poem, but I have heard it many times in different versions...
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its cliche
This poem is so sweet[L]
Emotion: heartthis is the best poem i ever heard

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