Do you say "In two years time" or "Two years' time"
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It should just be "In two years time" think of it as "In two years of time"

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Shouldn't it be "in two years' time"? As in "in two years' worth of time"? One of those random possessives that don't seem to make sense but exist anyway?
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Well, the reason for my answer was:

Jim's Dog = The dog of Jim

Years' time = The time of years ::therefore:: Two years' time = Two times of years? <> Two years of time.

Would you say "three cups' of sugar" or "three days' time"? I can't see any reason for the apostrophe.

I'm 80-20 on this one.
You would say "three cups of sugar." But you would say "three days' time." Which would mean not "three times of days" but "the time of three days." Or "the time of two years." Etc.
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Rechecking the grammar books it's three days' time, two years' time etc.
Apostrophe after the plural time expresion. It doesn't look too natural but that's what a couple of my grammar books say.
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I'd say it's "two years' time" as mentioned above.

The problem is that English loses its s-Genitive more and more, today, it's commonly confined to the usage with beings or in fixed expressions, otherwise it's replaced by an of-phrase.

So you would say "three cups of sugar" instead of "three cups' sugar" (without "of" because this of would already be included in the s-Genitive) and
"Jim's dog" rather than "The dog of Jim".

"Two years' time" seems to be a poetical or fixed expression, therefore the s-genitive is more common to use than the of-phrase, but the of-phrase can be used in the same way though: "two years of time".
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