We are in need of donations from local business'. Would you kindly solicit donations from the following businesses:

The above sentences are being used in a letter, I am having a problem with the word business'. and businesses: What is the correct way to use this word.
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HOw about showing ownership on the plural word - businesses ... is it businesses' ?
If it is only ONE business, it is "My business's information".
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I was taught that the correct use would be business's front doorone front door belonging to one business.

If you were talking about many businesses and many front doors, it would be businesses' front doors (not businesses's, which would be silly!)
Since there is no word like childrens, the first one is correct.


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Children is one of those unusual words that is specifically already pluralised so you would never have the apostrophe after the "s" with the word "children".

It would always be:- My children's toys.

Singular would be:- My child's toys.