We are in need of donations from local business'. Would you kindly solicit donations from the following businesses:

The above sentences are being used in a letter, I am having a problem with the word business'. and businesses: What is the correct way to use this word.
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Businesses is correct. It is the plural of Business.

The apostrophe is used to show that something belongs to something else (It's called the Genitive case). Normally (though not always) the apostrophe or apostrophe + s are followed by a noun.
e.g. The dog's bones = the bones that the dog has...one dog.
the dogs' bones = the bones that the dogs have.....more than one dog...plural.
When a plural word ends in S, that is when we only put the apostrophe alone.
e.g. my parents' car
What about my children's or my childrens' toys? Which one is correct?
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(child) singular.......children (plural)
Since it is not a plural word that ends in S, we use the 's.......children's toys.
Remember that children never has an S on the end in plural form, the word children is already in plural form.
That makes everything clear. Thanks. W.
What about the possesive form of business (singular)? As in "Please drop the package at my business' front door." Is it business' or business's? Thanks!
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The correct use of the apostrophe in this example is: business' – as the front door belongs to the business. 'Businesses' would be incorrect as that relates to there being more than one business.

But you didn't answer the question. Is it for example: My business's information or my business' Information?
It should be "my business's information," according to AP style.
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