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Thank you for sharing about English Express, imej!

As for me, I subscribe to a free weekly newsletter from Blinkist.com.

Each week the email newsletter offers 7 book summaries to read, one each day. The book summaries are condensed versions of currently popular books (and subjects) that are designed to be read in around 15 minutes.

**The nice thing is that you can listen and read along to the free book summaries! It's very interesting. Alternatively, you could pay and read anything from the whole collectionew of course. It's probably very useful for academic learning. I have recommended it to students.

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

I use https://timetotalk.io/ , you can schedule talks with random people and https://www.hellotalk.com/?lang=en you can chat and speak again if you want

Hello, I use the app Talkao Translate there is for both Android and iOS app, you can practive and learn the languages it is ver helpful Emotion: smile