My name is Piotrek. I'm from Poland and I've been learning English for the last few years.

I'm looking for an app (Android) or a web platform / service / networking site that would make it easier to find a
conversation partner. I want to easily and quickly find someone to practice speaking English - ideally someone who is at
the same language level and is interested in similar things (e.g. likes similar music).

Do you know of any such apps or platforms? Please give me your recommendations / links. Are there any good ones? Which do you recommend? Which ones do you use? Why?

Thanks in advance.
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My niece was practice conversation from her skype friends... why you don't try it...
Hi, thanks for your reply.

Yes, I know I can find people on Skype - but it's tiring and it takes a lot of time to find a good partner. Maybe there's a platform or network of people where it's easier to find a suitable speaking partner. So far, I haven't found one...
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Hi Piotr,

There is a chat area on this very site. Though I haven't tried it myself, I can imagine to find appropriate speaking partners via the various posts and forums here. The posts will tell you about the level of English -written English, but anyway - and you could ask somebody directly if he or she was willing to chat at some specific times.
The other way to find suitable partners might be the forums on this site. There are various interests like music, lyrics, literature and so on.
Wish you good success!
thx a lottt

If you genuinely want to improve your English speaking skills, then you must concentrate on speaking more English. Merely, the more you speak, the better you gain fluency and confidence in your speaking skills. After all, confidence is the only thing you are lacking to speak fluent English.

To build your confidence and enhance your speaking skills, you should refer to EngVarta [link removed by moderator - we do not permit advertising commercial sites in posts] if you genuinely want to work on your speaking skills rather than just learning grammar and adding words to vocabulary.

Even I used this practice English app to enhance my speaking skills when I passed out my college and was taking the next turn of my life i.e. to seek for a job.

I was not finding myself confident enough to appear for the interview and take up the conversations in English. However, after a few months practice of English with experts I could see the change in my confidence and now I can speak to anyone without any fear of stammering in between the conversation.

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Shruti Sharma you should refer to EngVarta

I visited this web site, and confirmed that if a student uses it, they will not be learning British or American English, but Indian English. The descriptions on this site are written in a regional dialect, and the service providers are Indian.

I'd recommend that international students avoid this app, especially if they do not want to learn an Indian accent.

I think this App may be fit to you : https://ejoy-english.com/app (this have Chrome, Android and IOS version ). It dont find for you an conversation partner but you can pratice English with their game , movies,..... try it !

Hi Piotrek,

https://listen.express helps me improve my listening and pronunciation a lot. Although, I am not practicing with someone else, I learn how to say something correctly and clearly. The site makes reading along easily. I can even download the records to my phone and practice on my way. With "Add to Home Screen", it is pretty much an app.

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