I want to write one letter to my Manager, in a proper way, asking for a VACATION payment, as I am entitled to be paid salary with 30 days of VACATION.

I don't want to leave for a VACATION, as I will be working, which will get me a benefit of one month more salary. I would like someone to help me, as how I should request for my this amount, and, how am I suppose to write it. I am confused for 2 days, any help will be great.


What you need to ask for is one month's wages in lieu of holiday.

Subject: Request for vacation salary 2008

Date: 05/05/09


I would like to draw your attention towards my subjected that I apply to you my last year vacation salary. May it will be big help for me, if you granted this letter.

Therefore, I request and hope that you will kindly approve my above subjected and I will be thankful to you.

Thank you

Best regards

Mizan Al Rahman

Design Section
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good day or what ever time it gets to you

pls sir kindly help me the format for a vacation letteror application

You need to write your own letter; we cannot do that for you. However, if you submit your own letter to the forum, someone will likely have a look at it for you. Also, take a look at some of the letters in the search link below. That should give you useful ideas.