ich muss einen application letter für ein Stipendium von der Universität schreiben. Könnt ihr bitte das Schreiben mal durchlesen und mal eure Meinung dazu sagen?



As I already had the "xxx experience" during my study abroad from May to August 2005, I would like to do my Master of Business at your university. I enjoyed the community of xxx as well as the quality of the courses and lectures. Therefore, I would like to apply for the xxx scholarship.

I am currently studying Industrial Management in Global Markets at the xxx. My major is Human Resource Management. I will graduate with my "Diplom" degree in March 2006. To deepen my knowledge and to specialise in the field of International Business, I intend to do my Master of Business. During my German studies I already gained some theoretical background about international relations, for example in the course "Training in Personal Competence" or "Industrial Management in Global Markets".

I finished my intermediate examination ("Vordiplom") with the grade "excellent" (90 points) in the German university system. Moreover, I completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at xxx during my German studies. For my study abroad semester at your university I took the subjects xxx. I finished my semester with a cumulative percentage average of 80.

My career goal is to work in an international company where this Master degree would be helpful. I am interested in travelling and getting to know different cultures and people from various countries around the world.

I worked in the public relations team at my German university until April 2005 where I took over the task of writing articles for students and lecturers. During my study abroad semester I held the position as a study abroad liasion. I really liked to be part of the xxx life.

I am an opne-minded and friendly person who is interested in international aspects and intercultural relations. Therefore, I would enjoy studying at your university which has a high proportion of international students. It is possible to get to know people from more than one country. Normally, this would require a world tour. Furthermore, I am keen on looking beyond my own nose to learn from other nationalities and cultures. Only personal experience can give you a real view of other cultures and behaviours.

Moreover, people, especially other students, describe me as a team player who cares about her group members. I am ambitious and like to handle challenging tasks and to take the responsibility for it. Therefore, I was the "CEO" for the group project in the subject xxx. To be responsible for the success of a team and to develop a "real team" was a great experience, which was an immense contribution to my further personal and academic development.

I am looking forward to receiving the opportunity to study at your university and to make a great contribution to the xxx community.

Yours Sincerely,
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I just got a scholarship. So base on my experience, in the motivation letter, you should write which field of study you apply for, why you choose/like it, your skills through your academic & social activities and the conclusion. There are 4 pharagraphs in my motivation letter. But that's what I suggest you. Let's write as you think and to be original, you will be chosen! Good luck!

Hi Tammy (it's your name,right?),

I'm an an English teacher from Brazil looking for friends from all over the world. It would be a pleasuse if you coul be my friend. Here's my MSN: <removed by a mod. Please put it in your profile.>
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SergiovskHi Tammy (it's your name,right?),

I'm an an English teacher from Brazil looking for friends from all over the world. It would be a pleasuse if you coul be my friend. Here's my MSN: <removed by a mod. Please put it in your profile.>
Nice to meet you! I send you a mail already! Check your mailbox please! You have a new mail from TammyBaby! Emotion: wink
you're not sad at all./
hi! can i ask u something how can i start my application letter for the scholarship?
i hope you'll reply
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Hi Tammy, Emotion: smile

My name is Erwin from the Philippines. I just wanna ask few questions in writing my application letter for scholarship. I would also like to be your friend, if you don't mind.

Looking forward in knowing you better.


Mod says; Hi Erwin, and welcome to our forums. Please register and put your e-mail address in your profile.
Hi, im Donvar From Philippines. Nothing is impossible in your life.

I am Duclair. be happy to be a friend of yours. rather use my email number if you are interested. <please resgister and include your e-mail in your profile.>
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