Dear Friends, Please can u help me in writing an application letter for getting vaction leave.
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Hello Mujahed,

We're happy to help, but you'll need to make some effort. Please write a draft letter and we will help you correct it.
i want vacation to 15 days . mnth of augost date of 18
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First, capitalize the word I and other proper nouns, and then rewrite this without using abbreviations, and spell August correctly - then we can worry about grammar and syntax.
i want to go our contery for six month
Six months is not a vacation. Six months is a leave of absense.

Ask your human resources department what is necessary for you to request a leave of that length.
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2nd August 2008

Therese N. N

ToThe Director

Dear Sir,


With due respect, I hereby apply for three weeks vacation which will commence from 30/08/08 - 21/08/08. this is to permit me travel for matters that are so much pressing. I promise tp resume work on 22/08/08

Thanks for your cooperation

Your date numbers are wrong. I have guessed at the right ones.

Therese N. N

The Director

Dear Mr [surname],


With due respect, I hereby apply for three weeks' vacation from July 30th through August 21st. This is to permit me to travel for pressing personal matters.

Thank you
for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

November 09, 2009

<< specific identifying information removed>>

Dear Sir James,

I am writing to request a leave for about 3 days starting December 31, 2009 up to January 02, 2010, to spend my new year with my family in Palawan… I shall resume work on January 03, 2009.

I’m hoping for your kind consideration regarding this matter. Thank you very much, more power and may God bless you always.

Respectfully yours,

Princess << identifying information removed>>
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