Could someone do a favor and check up my rough letters. I'm looking forward to your corrections and advice.

  • Future plans.
First of all I’d like to stress that I do not intend to change my career direction dramatically. I’ve made my mind to focus on Accountancy and Financial Management. I bent on continuing my promotion in construction business also. My interest about construction sphere was initiated from the university. My university term papers were devoted to complex issues as are Investment Analysis and Leasing.

The accountancy in construction sphere is considered to be the most complicated in comparison to other branches. Each building is an unique creation and it demands its unique contract with discriminative terms of financing. The cost accumulation and division them inside project and between other projects is a challenge that why one needed to be experienced and intelligent sufficiently. Recording figures, measuring and reporting are an excellent foundation for analysis.

I’m oriented to concentrate on accountancy and financial management in residential construction. I work in the Russian branch of the Finish Construction Company ***** . Previously the company was engaged mostly in industrial construction and succeeded in several significant projects in ****. Now our high-positioned managers are determined to develop real estate business in due to long term perspective.

I want to go on learning Finish language. I’ve chosen it for having opportunity to practice it and I reckon it is a worth occupation for spare time. Finish language distinguishes from other linguistic groups and I prefer it for it complication.

Consulting service or teaching the accountancy as a subject at a university is also seemed attractive to channel my professional skills. Frankly speaking, conducting a research doesn’t appeal to me now. I realize I haven’t sufficient practical materials and haven’t formed certain theme in my mind. By learning in England-country with long economic history and strong the accountancy as a subject background- a degree would be the definite next step to my preferences. I suppose it might help me with comprehension of principals in accountant science on the international stage.

I am open for traveling and becoming acquainted with new people. In spite all facts I’d like to stay family girl and supportive to my relatives.

  • Purpose statement
Please, give someone at least comments. Are my letters very poor and not suitable at all?
I think that no-one's answered because it is rather long and daunting. I must admit I took a quick look and ran are asking for quite a chunk of someone's time here.

As there are serveral letters I'd suggest that you split them up and post them individually; you'll probably find that people are happier to tackle one.