Please read through the application and make corrections where you find mistakes. Your suggestions to make the request more appling. Thanks.

Subject: request for the grant of transport allowance.

Dear Mr Smith,

I have been working in your institution as a Biology teacher for the last two and a half year. My students and the institution is very satisfied with my work. My performance during my service has been exceptional and I worked very well with everyone in the institution. My attitude towards my staff is very friendly and respectful, everyone likes me for this.

I have learnt that, apart from the salary, the institution is providing transport allowance to some of the teachers living far from the institution and use a kind of transport to get to the school. This surprised me, for I have the same qualification, teaches to the same grades, and I come from as far as the other teachers do, why then are you discriminating? My students have shown good results since I joined. I had been the best teacher last year. I, therefore request you to grant me and my sister transport allowance as much as you are playing to the other teachers.

Thanks in anticipation.

Your obediently


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