Iam looking for a vacation leave letter, where can i find it,
its for my boss (manager),

Thanks in advance
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Include these in your letter:

1. the reason for the request (getting married, maternal leave, etc.)
2. the amount of leave (30 days? 10 days)
3. when you are leaving and when you're returning
pls provide sample of letter for 10 days vacation without salary
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Kindly note, due to Lithotrosphy surgery for Kidney stone scheduled on 12th Sept 2008. In view of it I need 15 days holiday from 00.09.08 ~ 00.09.08
Dear sir,
I am having family function at my village.so i will have to go to join that function.
so i need leave from 15th of sept to 28th sept. I wiil be back on my desk on 29th
so sir,i am requesting you to approve my leave so that i can join my family.
I will be obliged you .
Thanks & Regards
RishKesh Sharma
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Respected Sir,

Subject: Invitation & Request for leave

With due respect I want to say you that, my family has arranged my marriage, which is decided to organized on 29 Nov 2008.

Sir, I invite you to please join the marriage ceremony and bless me good future, It will be my pleasure to see you.

Sir, as you know that there are lots of rituals before and after marriage in our culture therefore i will not be able to join for some days.

kindly grant me leave of four weeks, starting from 21 Nov 2008 to 20 Dec 2008 , this may seem a long time but I need extra time for planning, arrangements, travel and family celebrations

I appreciate your consideration of my request during this most happy time of my life.

I am looking for a vacation letter to my employeer from my work, for an a month vacation

due to my son arrange the school enrolment and his look after in daily living

Thanks in advance,

can i see some sample letters
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