How do I write a letter to a car dealership to grant me credit for a car?

Here is my issue's.

1. I have guarrented income of 772 a month from disability.

2. My rent is only 89 a month

3. i had a car a volvo s80 that has been paid in full in oct. due to hail damage and the insurance paid the loan off. It was a buy here pay here place.

4. i can afford a car.

5. The dealership has nationwide in house financing.

6. I need to convince them i can afford it.

7. I am turnning 40 this year and want a convertible.

I have so many things in my favor but putting it into paper is very hard. The loan can be auto debited out of my account. I don't want to sound like a charity case but smart and knows how to get what they want.

Wouldn't they simply ask you to fill out a standard application form?

I would ask the person selling you the car to earn his commission and tell you exactly what to put in the space provided. No one knows better than a car salesman how to get a loan approved and his commission paid. Make him earn his salary.
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yes but there is a space to write a letter also. i thought it would help me get a loan instead of just filling out the paperwork on line . does that make sense?
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