Dear Teachers,

I am very confused with whether "for" or "to" should be used after "apply". Can I say:

I am going to apply for the UCLA MBA program.

Or "apply to" is a better option?

Also, are there any rules for "apply for" or "apply to". I know "apply for a job" and "apply to a school", and would like to learn more if possible.

Thanks a lot for your attention!

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"Apply for", I think... Well, I've been using it this way all my life=)
Jane Brown"Apply for", I think... Well, I've been using it this way all my life=)
Thanks Jane!

However, I do see "apply to" on some websites like: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/clinicalresearchscholars/apply/index.html

Any other ideas?

Thanks a lot!

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I am going to apply to the UCLA Business School for (being accepted in) the UCLA MBA program.
Generally, we apply to a place/person, and apply for a thing/position/loan, etc. So you apply for a car loan at the bank; you apply to the loan department at the bank.

There's also the use of "apply to" that means something is/isn't relevant. For example, "Families get extra benefits from the government in some countries, but it doesn't apply to me because I am not married and have no children."
is it not so that first we have to apply for a job as a nurse but then we have to apply na ointment to a wound?
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Yes, it is so. And we apply to a hospital for a job as a nurse.
Thank you for your participation. very helpful.
Is it apply to Phd programs or apply for Phd programs??
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