Hi, I'm Jordi, from Spain, and a member of this site since last week. It's a nice site for learn English, and for talk and make friends, I think.

I'm wondering if anyone wants to make an appointment in chat for talking, in hours and days specifics. And the rest of days we can write between ourselves, dedicating 15' or 20' minutes every day, asking and answering about our country, style of life, etc. In this way, almost every day we can work our English skills.
If anyone have interest, please make me a reply.
I'm from Iran
and I'd like to chat
the topics you suggested are good

you can set a time
I prefer 4-8 p.m. GMT
Nice to meet you wind23
What about tomorrow friday at 4:30 pm (in your time, I think for me is -2:30h = 2:00 pm) in xat?
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at 4:30 tehran time
wind23, I'm in chat just now, my nick is Lpic,