Could anyone convince me of the correct pronunciation of the word APPRECIATE.

I, along with most of the English speaking world, happily pronounce it appreSHiate...but I heard the other day someone pronouncing it appreSiate ie using an S sound rather than SH..Their justification was that it is derived from the French word 'Appreciez'...and therefore would be an S sound....Anyone give any credance to this??

All suggestion welcome.

/&-'prE-shE-"At/, /-'pri-/ also /-'prE-sE-/.
If you go to www.webster.com you can put in that word and hear how it's pronounced according to Webster's Dictionary...I did, and it's definitely with the "sh" sound.
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"appreSHiate" is correct. Not only as to me, pronounce it that way for more than 10years but also i heard many native English speakers pronouce it that way.

So i guess this is the correct way to pronounce it!