I appreciate [your/you] coming

Which is correct?

Thanks in advance!
Grammarians are always ambivalent about these.
For the verb appreciate, your is going to be the better choice, but no one is going to object very strenuously if you say you.

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Thanks, CalifJim.

Out of curiosity, in some contexts native speakers tend to use 'going to be' as if an action is going to take place. For example,

For the verb appreciate, your is going to be the better choice.

Do you mean, it will soon be the better choice? I guess that's not what you mean. As a non-native, I would say 'it is' or 'it should be'. Please explain what is on native speakers' minds when they use this tense in contexts like this.

going to be is used there as a very casual way of saying "when, in the course of time, you eventually get around to using it in a real conversation some day". It's conceptualizing your question about you or your as a plan to use one of them in the future. going to be is sometimes used that way in giving friendly advice. By avoiding is, it also indicates that it's my opinion -- a subjective judgment call -- not a rule.

-- Should I use blue or red?
-- The red will be too bright. Use blue. That's going to be your best [bet / choice].

Thanks, CalifJim. English is really interesting. Emotion: smile
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