What word describes a person who appreciates life? I mean a person who seeks pleasure. The words I've found so far have negative connotations.

Thank you for your help.

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What words do you have so far?

I've found libertine (noun, adjective), debauched (adjective), rapscallion, and rogue.
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I wouldn't say that appreciating life and seeking pleasure are the same thing. Would you?

People whose main aim in life is to seek pleasure are commonly viewed negatively

Can you define your meaning more precisely?

I agree.They are not necessarily the same thing. Emotion: smile

Let me put it this way:

How would you describe a person who loves life and wants to enjoy every moment, not necessarily by having fun?

Rather than using one word, I'd say
eg a lover of life, a person who loves life

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Thank you very much.
Helpful, as always. Emotion: smile
Nikoo I mean a person who seeks pleasure.
Hedonist - pleasure for pleasure's sake
Epicurean - pleasure as the highest virtue

Nikoo wanted a word without negative connotations,
and I feel 'hedonist' has some.

That's why I didn't suggest it.
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