There is a task. Put words in the sentences into correct order.

For /a day/ of/for/ task/ and/ time/ spend/ more/ for/ it/ example/ limit / don't/ some/ set/ one/ hour/ a

good/ at/ time/ to find/ information/ about/ the / all/ down/ I/ am / didn't/ but/ I /the/ things/ I/ have/ much/ organization/ wrote/ out

are/ and/ both/ develop/ grammar/ important/ vocablary/ skills/ to

I think in every of these sentences there are some words missed. In the last as I understand there are to things to be compared. But there aren't. T. e. it is impossible to make the correct sentences.

Can you help understand what exactly is wrong about these sentences?


The third one is definitely possible. (Hint, begin "Grammar and vocabulary ...".) The other two are harder -- either to solve, or to be sure that they are not solvable.


In fact, the second one is easier than it looks. Once you make the right start, it just falls into place: "I wrote down all ...".

I can't get anything that you could call a natural sentence out of the first one after a few minutes of fiddling.