It is probably too early for chinese young people to date the opposite sex at age 18.What do you guys think?In reality, I deem there is no set age at which children should be allowed to start dating.How can I chang my parents minds to allow me to begin a realtionship with a boy I like?
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You must keep in mind that - At the age of 18 the main aim of yours should be studies.Your mind must not deviate from that.Although you might have become major, dating can lead to unpleasant results.
You might think of having friendship with the guys/gals of opposite sex, but you must be careful and you should not cross the line drawn between you and your friend.
So,think twice before you go for dating.It may affect your studies.Think of it.
You can have dating when you are matured at an age of around 20-22.

As praveenkbox said, at this age your aim should be on your studies. But there's nothing wrong with dating at that age, as long as it doesn't turn into a serious, committed relationship. But so what if you meet up with the boy you like on the weekends? As long as you do what you need to do first, and as long as you don't spend hours day dreaming about him when you're supposed to be studying, I don't see what the problem is.
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Aw, come on guys! People can be legally married at the age of 16. Why only date at age of 18? And also dating does not equal sex. In fact on most dates people dont even kiss, only a hug or hand shake good bye. So dating should be allowed at pretty much 12 +. If you think about it when you are a kid and go to a movie with your best friend, that is also a date.
Hopefully through childhood we have guided our kids in the right direction but eventually you have to give them some freedom to make there own choices and im afraid sometimes mistakes.

I think people should start dating whenever they are mature enough not to wreck their own and other people's lives Emotion: stick out tongue That said, dating before 18 is almost a given in North American countries, and we turn out mostly OK. Dating yes, marriage?... definitely not before 22-25. The bad side effect is that people are too young before their early twenties to know who they are or who anyone else is or what they want, but they get caught up in fantasy, marry, and divorce soon after.
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I do not see the point in not letting teenagers date before 18. It is during that time of their lifes that they mature at leat physically and most of the time also mentally. This physical increase in height, strength and weight implies an increased hormone level. It is only human to follow these instincts of affection even before the age of 18. In my opinion, I would rather prefer a son dating girls for all of his high school years than him sitting at home watching dirty movies while masturbating...

Dating is a gain in social life. In which situation of life do you learn how to settle a dispute better than in a relationship?
In which situation of life do you learn to cut back your own interests in favor of others?
In fact I am with what the civil rules say.....

well...your having a problem that i never had but i have an idea. you have to let your parents know that one day you will get married and you need to date alot of people so you can find out what kind of guy you want to marry. so inorder to do that you will have to date more.
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