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Let me pose a hypothetical question;

Would you be happy to know a tracking device had been inserted into your shoe without your knowledge? The purpose of this tracking device is to allow advertisers (and others) to change the signs on the billboards you see as you walk or drive along the road, tailoring those ads to the information they have collected (without your knowledge) about your behaviour traits?

I don't see much difference between the tracking transmitter and cookies. I think I would rather go barefoot Emotion: smile
A good analogy. But don't you think that most people are unperturbed by this? There is a threat to privacy, but does this have any practical implications? Not really, especially to a generation brought up to consider it a normality.
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I wonder whether cookies were not the inspiration for the movie The Truman Show?
I mean , imagine a world where people are deprived of their objectivity because of all these 'tailor made' experiences.
If you're so paranoid about having your browsing habits tracked, try deleting your cookies after each session. IE6 has a handy little button for this in the options screen.
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A good suggestion. Problem is most people don't know their habits are being tracked, and their experiences modified. SCARY!
LOL why are they called cookies anyway?
Dunno. Maybe 'cos they're small and contain bits of chocolate ... eerm, I mean information
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