Are you in favour or against exams being abolished?
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i'm in a favour for exams being abolished Emotion: stick out tongue
lOl - Who would vote for the other option?

Maybe I would. I don't know, exams are stressing but, after all, they show you how much you have learnt in a period and how much you need to improve. Emotion: smile
I hate exams but they are useful
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you are right pucca

they are useful but stressing
Do you know something?

It happened long time ago, I was about 8 years and I was playing to "El ahoracado", I think it's called "The Hangman" in English - I was having difficulties with the word, so the computer gave me a hint, it said "Students' nightmare" - Even with that ENORMOUS clue, I wasn't able to guess the word. (It was "Exams")

It took me like ages to figure out why it was "students' nightmare" Emotion: stick out tongue

..sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? I used to like exams...Emotion: crying
When I was a primary student, I hate exam a lot. My result kept continuously poor even I put my wholehearted effort on it. I thought I am a smart boy, but the exam system did not appreciate my talent and restrict my real development. I hoped there was no exam in my school every Christmas.

Since I become a senior secondary student, I realize the important of exam. The real situation is that, once we get higher level, the percentage of examination decrease steadily. It was substituted by some project, presentation or your relations with teacher. I started to think about the fairness. How can the teacher judge our marks through non-standardized method, it hard to bring us fair outcome.

In the exam, if I get fail, I admit the truth that I am not working hard like them, because we are attempt same exam. But it has a large argument that why our group get lower marks than the other in presentation.

Exam should not be abandoned in lower grade student, as I think it is a easy and standard way to evaluate their level. Of course, it should be some extra test for some abnormal children in order to develop their talent.
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Hey Chikei1984! Emotion: smile

I don't think it depends on our marks.

In my case, when I was little, I used to like the exams because they weren't as stressing as they are now and although you had to study, you knew that if you did it badly, it wouldn't matter because there would be more exams you could balance that one with. Once you get older, exams importance grow too - At least, with me, marks depend on the final exam and there are no exams that could balance the final exam, no matter how well you have done through the year - There are no excuses, if you do well in the final exam, you pass. If you don't, you fail. That's all - Things like "I didn't have a good day" don't work. Emotion: smile
Hello Pucca,

I know your feeling exactly. Final exam is like a watershed of our life. I still remember my exam of A-Level, the university exam. If you pass, you may properly enter a good university and have a successful start. If you fail, you may need to admit a reality that you may merely an office boy in the future.

However, when you enter university, or attain a master course like me. You may find that exam is not the best or only way to appraise students’ standard. Therefore, they use other method to do so. Indeed, I think that it is not proper to use exam for testing the knowledge of upper level student. However, it is a good way to test the fundamental knowledge, as it can be standardized easily.
Hi chikei,

University systems can be extremely different, depending on the country where you study.
In my country, for instance, you need to sit written and/or oral exams, whether you're an undergraduate or a graduate student.
Same in the UK, where I got my MSc ... Come to think of it, I had a lot of Chinese classmates, there. They never told me that in China they didn't have to pass exams during their undergraduate studies. Emotion: smile

Here's another difference: in Italy, and in the UK as well, to get your undergraduate degree or your MSc you need not only to pass all the modules, but also to write a thesis (and in Italy also to defend it, which means to discuss it in front of an exam board). My Greek and Syrian classmates told me there was no such thing in their country.
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