Do you think we are really turning our heads towards colonialism once again?
All the nuclear weapons that are now being used are really signs that World War 3 will be out of fiction soon.

You mean the world is on the verge of a Third World War, don't you?

I dunno. In retrospect, Afghanistan,Palestinaian,Iraq and now Iran. I am afraid it will be Turkey soon. Gradually, imperialism and ensuing colonialism are prevailing the world.And everyday, more and more people are suffering from its costs.

As for WW3 what do you think about the sides? One side USA-England and the other side Iran-China-Russia or whatsoever? Emotion: big smile
When I listened to my granny stories about world war 2nd,I thought even what I would do if another world war begun,and more and more often now I think about it..

I agree with TheChosenOne,WW3rd will be out of fiction soon,with the sides described by Jannissary as enemies.. Emotion: sad
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I think it's more likely to be USA-England-Iran-China-Russia against the People.

Like a huge vice; two teams with common people in between the jaws.

The two teams are just a show to keep us cheering while we are slowly being crushed.
Oh,a very good answer Anon.I really liked this.

Powers against people.It has been so eversince governments were established.Whataever the name of governer or ruler is , wars have always implemented against people. What I know with my limited sight is, war is done for the goverments not for public. So should we return back the ancient times and implement anarchism? I dont know. However, which system would be worse than this for starving Africanees?
Some of the countries you mentioned Anon. are superpowers and they are fighting with each other for the title of 'most powerful country'. So now, one would probably say that world war is heading towards us.


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You have to look at who sets up the fights to understand them.
For example, the 'fight' betweem communism and capitalism was set up by J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller and Rothschild.(among others). Why? Because they were all business men who hated competition and loved monopolies.. Communist China is just another branch office, as is the USA. The people of both countries are captive consumers to an increasingly monopolised market. It's the monopolists/tyrants versus the people in almost every case.
Have a look at your history book and see who financed and organised the setting up of the United Nations. Then research who donated the land for its New York building.
Wars are just a callous and barbaric way to weaken the masses, and to get them to clutch any straw offered to them - by guess who? It's not hard to figure it out when you look a little deeper than your T.V. screen.