Hallo there

I would like to know wether linking verbs like to be, to taste, to smell, to become are a subgroup of the stative verbs that don't have a continuous form.

The stative verbs are normally divided into groups according to their meaning like possession (have, owe, consist etc.), sense (sound, taste, smell), mental state (think, feel, doubt) and a few more.

The linking verbs describe a subject by attributing it an adjective like e.g. "good". In the sentence "The meal tastes good." to taste is a stative verb of sense. So it seems to me that all linking verbs are stative verbs.

Am I correct?

I am aware that not every stative verb is vice versa a linking verb like to think is a verb of mental state but no linking verb.

Are the linking verbs stative verbs that have specific meanings allowing them to join a subject to its describing complement?

I am looking forward to your answers.


I'm a non-native so my understanding of the notion of the linking verb could be blurred by my lack of the English-speaker knowledge of language and their intuition. But I think that the verb "become" could be taken as a dynamic one.

Strangely enough, there is a school of thought that seems to reject the notion of linking verb altogether. CGEL (The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language) treats linking verbs as ordinary verbs that are heads of the verb phrases, namely the heads of the predicate.