I think women can do the same job! But what is your opinion?
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Most men have very much more sense about mechanic than women, this is really true.Emotion: geeked
Yeah, of course women can do this kind of job. But i think men are much better than women. It's just because men are stronger than women (you know, this job requires that they are as strong as possible), and men are more familiar with this kind of job, too.
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I think 'most' men do have a better idea of mechanics than 'most' women but that is because most girls don't get to play with mechano or go out and help their dads with the car and so on, so they don't have the early exposure and learning that boys absorb without even trying. If they want to make a profession of it though and get the same training, I think they are just as good. Let's face it, it's not exactly rocket science, pretty much anyone with an interest and access to training could do it.
For sure I'm a better mechanician than my father!
In fact women usually did not like to come or encouraged in this disipline .In engineering colleges female students like to join in streams like Architeture. Computer , IT etc .Mechanical ,Mining,Metallurgy etc are always neglected by them.From the very beginning of our life we start deferenciating in male and female child,no one presents a Barby doll to a male child and a mechano set to a girl.

My father also is a worse mechanic than meEmotion: stick out tongue
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Just to reinforce what Nona said, in many Engineering schools/Institutes in my country, in Mechanical Engineering, female students are the best.
In my country also, Adomi! Emotion: wink

(actually according to statistics italian women are better than men concerning marks and learning!)
In my country also, Francesca, girls are better mark in exam always. But less girl study or work in mechanic, this because girls realize themself can't do hard work and most girls get frightened easily so they neglect it. May be you are not this type of girl.Emotion: wink
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