When I visit my mum (and I love her but she can drive me a little crazy sometimes) she

1) Tries to feed me more food than it is possible for the human body to contain.

2) Then tells me I'm putting on too much weight.

3) Forgets that I stopped having sugar in my tea about 10 years ago.

4) Buys me terrible gifts: either some black nail polish like I used to wear in my teenage phase rather more than ten years ago - or some horrible thing like a bright red fleece nightdress with a giant white felt sheep stuck on the front.

5) Says she wishes she saw me more often, heavy sigh, although there are four of us 'kids' and we are always visiting or being visited by, my parents...

So, she is very typically English. Are mums like this across the world?
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I think everywhere the mothers are the same. They suppose to think their son/ daughter but sometimes they give trouble to children. they ask a lot of question and they put pressure on what they want us to do. in addition I love my mother very muchEmotion: smile
Yes NtB and Fenerbahçeli,

Certainly all moms are the same in the world...

Also I love my mom very muchEmotion: smile

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Hmm I think it's the children who are the same the world over because, as much as we love them, we all take our mothers for granted! (or at least most of us do anyway!)Emotion: wink
Hi friends,interested in whether all mums are same or not.

Firstly, I should say that they all same .They are created as normal people but once they become pregnant, interestingly, somethings happen and God give them some virtues such as patience, faith. All these feelings are same. On the other hand as u know culture is also important on people's reactions . Psychologically, %21 of one's character is shaped by outer things such as culture, environment. Shortly what I want to say is that motherhoos is same but characters are different.

Take care and With blue everybody

I'm intrigued by your sign-offs.

What does the With blue part mean?
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Firstly thanks for your questioning things that you see. Because The one who seeks finds.
As for the reply, it is known that colors have effects on people. Blue has also some charasteristics. For example it gives serenity, presence, unisoning with others. Besides blue is the color of literature. So "with blue" is a good wish for others in meanig of stay in presence, tranquilty....
Take care "with blue"
The things you mentioned are known for me. Emotion: smile

Your mother's going to look upon you as her little child and it doesn't depend on how old you are. That's why she looks after you too much sometimes. You're going to remain her 'kid' forever. Emotion: wink
You're boasting, Nona the Brit, admit it. Nice getting fussed over ain't it? Guess what, you'll probably be doing the very same things your mom does to you to your kids a few decades hence. Oh no! Oh yes!Emotion: wink
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