vehicles are parked at their own's risk.
parked here considered as past participle?this sentence is in passive voice?
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To me it is just Passive Voice, and "own's" should be "owners'", I suppose.
Hi, Evo25!
Vehicles are parked at their own's risk. Yes parked is the past participle.
And yes again - the sentence is in passive voice. That't because the cars can't park
by themselves. They are parked by someone else.
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MadhulkThat't because the cars can't park by themselves.
For the same reason, it should be "their owners' risk".
It's risky being a parked car these days; in the US, a parked car is stolen every 24.6 seconds. I wouldn't want to be one.
(1)vehicles are parked at their oowners' risk.
(2)vehicles park at their owners' risk.
both of the sentences above are same meaning?
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(1)You are parked your car at level 2. ( I saw it at a parking ticket .)

Why it should written in "are parked ", in passive voice?

In my opinion, the sentence above should be written as

(2)You parked your car at level 2.

Are there both of the sentences (1) and (2) have different in meaning?
Are you sure it said "You are parked your car"?

You are parked on Level 2 would make sense to me.
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