please reply me.......eventhough this topic had been used before.

as for my opinion, i think school uniform aren't necessary. I, myself from Malaysia, am required to wear uniform. Everyday, all I heard from the diciplin teachers is about our fizikal looking, that is school uniforms, stockings, belts and others too. What is the use if it makes everyone so angry and tired of??? Even like that, there are still many of them still forbidden the rules like wearing short trousers, low stockings and others. I cannot see the point of wearing school uniform.

Beside that, making students wear uniforms shows that the school doesn't support individuality. Students that have to wear uniforms will suffer in the real world because they don't know how to accept people that dress and appear different to them. The "Pop Culture" of today's society is the reason behind name brand clothes and how teens express themselves through clothing and physical appearance. By making students wear uniforms we are stripping them of their sense of choice and freedom to express themselves

Ok......for example, one of the country is Amerika. I am not sure is the whole or just the North part.If you saw the way students dress to school, you will be amazed and shocked. They just wear plain clothes from home, but not dirty sort of clothes.
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Hi Anon,

I've always felt that uniformity among students must be maintained. It is very necessary to follow a certain decorum especially in an eductional institution like a school. Students go to school to study, not to discuss the latest trends and newest brands in the fashion world. Students can always wear their branded stuff to places other than the school. This way the richer students won't exhibit their wealth through their clothes, accessories etc. Poorer students don't need to feel sorry about the inadequate number of clothes they possess in order to dress for school. In short, it helps reduce discrimination.

However, I am disappointed that schools have not come up with 'comfort clothing' as uniforms. Why the pinafores, belts, ties and stockings?? Why not comfortable tees and slacks, cargoes in earthy colours (to spare the hassles of washing 'white uniforms'). It's silly to have young teenage girls doing physcial excercises with 'divided skirts'. So I do agree that the patterns and colours of conventional uniforms must change. It would also be great to have a poll and get kids to choose their uniforms, which as I said earlier, should be very practically designed. They should be affordable, simple (devoid of useless articles like the ties, stockings etc), very comfortable to wear and in some decent hues.

So, Anon, by making students wear uniforms, we are not stripping them of their sense of choice and freedom, but we are teaching them to be disciplined and teaching them the sense of belonging to a particular social institution.Emotion: smile
In my country there are schools with uniforms and without them. In my school which I `ve already finished in last years uniforms were introduce into practise. But that was only dark-blue jacket, and other clothes like trousers, jeans, skirts you can choose what ever you want. And as I know other schools also has jackets of different color, with school emblems. So for me this kind of uniform was normal,besides you can always take off this jacket Emotion: big smile
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This is the following poin ti found out....

The first one is that it might make some students feel uncomfortable.
If their uniforms do not suit them, they might feel ashamed of it during
their school days. This is not good for teenagers' mental health and
could cause depression. Also, students cannot work in something that they don't like to wear.

The second one is that school uniform will remove from students the opportunities
to express them. According to the studies of non-verbal communication, choosing what we wear is
one of the most important aspects of non-verbal communication.

The third one is that it could become one of the causes of juvenile delinquency.
Some students feel frustrated because they cannot pick out what they wear to
school. This frustration might make them feel violent; which could lead to
juvenile crimes.

In conclusion, I'm against school uniform for the three reasons which I mentioned as disadvantages of it.

Yes, School uniforms are indeed cna help to reduced can teach us to be more diciplin and can teach teh students well, but I don't think that it can reduce discrimination as( read the third reason).

I think that students have the right to choose what they want to wear, but also, school should limit their choices. Instead of school uniform, school can also use dress code to make it easier to indentify students.
Axastradra, I almost completely agree with you. About my uniform even it was ONLY jacket, but I didn`t like that dark-blue color, which didn`t suit me, and generally is very gloomy color Emotion: sad
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If you have noticed, all airlines, both international and domestic have their staff, pretty air-hostesses, male flight attendants and handsome pilots, wearing uniforms. Doctors have to wear their uniforms too. Staff working in hotels, restaurants, chain food joints (that includes all the big names in the junk food business) are always dressed in uniforms. You mean to say, all those people out there, are a frustrated lot, are violent and commit crimes too???? I don't think so. So, later on in life when you grow up to be something, what if you have to wear a uniform then??

Don't fret too much over these petty things, little one. Work hard on your grades. Maybe your good grades will get you to be the Vice President in some corporate company someday, where you may not need to wear a uniform!! Emotion: wink
welll.....I didn't mean about career......I just talk about school uniform.....

Uniforms for workers are necessary, and they didn't have a choice........and they are willing to

And as for school, we didn't went there just to study but also to make friends, learn sosial value and others.But if the students have the choice to whether enter a school, I think the number of students at a school may be reduce by half.....

Anyway, school uniforms are too UGLY and thats why students hate to wear school uniform........
Ville_maddengurl ..........

may I know what you what to say??????

Sorry if I say that but I really need to know what you are talking about.........

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