Are tattoo "schools" worth the time and/or money? What about online courses? How do they compare to a traditional apprenticeship? Here are some of the comments currently in this discussion:

  • "Still, if it was me doing the hiring... I'd be looking at a person's individual skill level. Whether they went to a school or had an apprenticeship, I'd like to be able to see what that individual could do before I hired them."
  • "If I was the one doing the hiring, probably a 90% chance I wouldnt hire someone who learned at a 'tattoo school'. My first and biggest concern would be 'why didnt they apprentice under someone?'"
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Tattoo Artists are going to the schools format because of the number of lawsuits over apprenticeships, and violations of federal labor laws. Also artists figured out they could charge for school and have multiple students. States are also legislating the apprenticeship program out of existance, making restrictions on who is qualified to teach. After all what would you rather have, an artist who apprenticed under a mediocre or lacksidaisical artist or graduated from an accredited licensed school?
Hi J. Baker,

This might be slightly off-topic, but I personally don't like tattoos since they're so difficult to remove. What if you regret your choice of tattoo later on?

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yeah... you can have laser sugery... but I don't like tattoo either.... this is a interenting topic... who here likes tatto and want to make one?
J. Bakeryeah... you can have laser sugery... but I don't like tattoo either.... this is a interenting topic... who here likes tatto and want to make one?
I love tattooes. I think they're like arts. My biology teacher in high school had a dove on her left wrist. On her right wrist she had a Latin word for peace. It was pax pacis or something like that. I'm gonna get two for myself in the future.
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tattoos are wonderful! lol i myself have six at the moment...

i think the thing is to choose wisely where you want to get the tattoo put on in the first place.

tattoo schools are wonderful because they educate the student in the right methods of sterilization and

here in ca i know there are stateboards for our tattoo artists, but the main think i think is to check out your artist

first check there previous work, there work books or watch them give someone else a tattoo.....

apprentice-ships (spelling?) are good in the traditional ways of tattoos, in many culture tattooing goes way back,

as rights of passage and having deep meaning, now adays we mainly do it for our own personal reasons.....

being it whether it be for show, art, to stand for something or someone or in my own personal case when i'm intense-ly stressed out

i get a tattoo..., they are a way i relieve STRESS~ & i love it Emotion: angry) ok thats enough from meeeeeeeh lol
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i like tatoos, too, and i posess two and would maybe someday bring them together somehow. but to the question if i would like to do one on my own, i`ve to confess that i`m way too scared of just the imagination. i couldn`t do it. just the thought of ruining someones body way.
Ok so why is this guy even commenting on tattoos???
I can draw really good, I want to go into the tattoo industry!!! I want to find a good school to go to though. I live In the south of the united states. But willing to go any where. Drawing is a major passion of mine, and want tattoos to become that too. N e help would be appriciated
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