In the early 20th century, economic growth gave many Americans the money to buy art for their homes for the first time. Sixty new museums opened. Slowly, Americans learned about serious art. In 1908, a group of New York arranged a historic show, trying to show real life in their paintings. Another group of modern artists led by the great photographer Alfred Stieglitz held a major art show in 1913. The show presented modern art from Europe. Americans got their first chance to see the work of such painters as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.
The show caused a huge public debate. Traditional art critics accused the organizers of the show of trying to overthrow Christianity and American values. Former president Theodore Roosevelt and others denounced the new art as a threat to the country. However, many young American painters and art lovers became very interested in the new art styles from Europe and studied them closely. They began to produce excellent art in the new Cubist style. The work of many of these serious modern painters only became popular many years later.
  • One result of exhibited examples of European art in the United States was.........
A) the fame gained overnight by many young American painters
B) immediate popularity of Georges Braque around the country
C) a sudden increase in the prices of Picasso paintings
D) the discovery of Theodore Roosevelt's great painting skills
E) a disagreement as to whether they posed a threat to the country

My answer is E
  • As one can infer from the passage before the 20th century..............
A) Pablo Picasso was the first to depict real life in his paintings
B) American public knew relatively little about serious art
C) the show held by Alfred Stieglitz did not attract much attention
D) there were no museums in the US, including the capital city
E) buying art for one's home was strictly forbidden

My answer is B
  • Which of the following could be the best title for the passage?
A) How American Values Affected American Art in the 20th century
B) Resistance Against a Sudden Change in American Painting
C) Significant Changes in American Painting
D) The Relationship Between Wealth and Love of Art
E) A Revived Interest in American Art

My answer is A
I agree with you.