Each word has a number
1. Wide 6. Empty 11. Empty
2. End 7. Swell 12. Big
3. Fast 8. Over 13. Long
4. Find 9. Like 14. Good
5. Right 10. Grand 15. Deep

Continue, by putting in each time the number of the right word from the list. Some are same, and some are opposite.
( ‘(S)’, or ‘(O)’ have been put before each word. ‘O’ meaning Opposite, and ‘S’ meaning same.)

(O) Lose: 4
(S) Broad:1
(S) Above: 8
(O) Slow: 3
(S) Idle: 11
(O) Short: 12
(O) Shallow: 15
(S) Expand: 7
(S) Discover: 4
(O) Bad: 14
(B) Begin: 2
(B) Correct: 5
(S) Vacant: 6
(O) Different: 9
(O) Contract:
(S) Finish: 8

Could someone please tell me whether the above are correct, or not? And, if they are indeed incorrect, what number should be there? Alas, I couldn't do 'Contract', as I have absolutely no clue whatsoever it is. I'm sorry if this doesn't make much sense, but English isn't my first language.

Thank you everyone.

(PS, I am unsure whether this is the correct forum to post in. I offer my sincere apology, if it's wrong.)

(S) Idle: 11 Really, the opposite should be 'busy'. You have 'empty' in your word-list twice, is that a typo?
(O) Short: 12 No,13 long
(O) Different: 9 Like is the choice, but really the opposite should be 'different than/from'
(O) Contract: 7, expand
(S) Finish: 8 No, 2 end

Best wishes, Clive
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Thank you.

Yep, '11' is suppost to be 'Lazy'. I must've mis-read it.

Thank you for the help Emotion: big smile
I think it is 4, "contract" is similar to "find".