Iwould like to know if the following sentences contain Nouns or Adjectives or Adverbs phrases.

1. Singing happily, Ruth soon finished her work.
2. Her greatest enjoyment was sining solos.
3. To sing grand opera was his lifelong dream.
4. He was not permitted to sing in the choir.
5. He wanted his songs to make people happy.
6. She sang with great enjoyment.
7. Fortunately for all, the entire congregation appreciated his sining.
8. The congregation was happy with the choir's songs.

1. Singing happily ( adjective phrase ) modifying Ruth
2. Her greatest enjoyment ( noun phrase ) as a subject
3. To sing grand opera ( noun phrase ) as a subject
4. in the choir ( adverb phrase ) modifying sing to show the location
5. to make people happy ( adjective phrase ) modiying songs to mean what type of songs
6. with great enjoyment ( adverb phrase ) modying sang, the way to sing
7. Fortunately for all ( adverb phrase ) modifying appreciated to mean how fortunately for all
8. the choir's songs ( noun phrase ) as an object
1.NOUN phrase = noun sbg head word
2.ADJECTIVE phrase = adjective sbg head word
3. ADVERB phrase = adverb sbg head word

For the sentences you wrote
1. Singing happly = gerung phrase (singing=headword)
3. To sing grand opera = infinitive phrase
4.In the choir = prepositional phrase ("IN" = headwoerd)
5. To make people happy= infinitive phrase
6. with great enjoyment = prepositional phrase
7. Fortunately for all = adverb phrase (fortunately=headword)

ADJECTIVE PHRASE = very happy, really beautiful, extremely difficult, etc
ADVERB PHRASE = very quickly, very well, extremely quickly, etc.