religious used to be law corelates to supernatural beings before the constitution was founded.


Sorry, I have no idea what you are trying to say. That doesn't make sense.

Please try to say it another way.



Before people lived in cities with formal governments, constitutions and a legal system, they had laws of conduct and punishment. Some of these were purported to be handed to humans from the gods that they worshiped.

The oldest known code of law is the "Code of Hammurabi" written under the King of Babylon. (c. 1800 BCE in Babylon.) There are many similarities to Jewish law, called "The Law of Moses" which is in the Torah. The first is civil law, the other religious law.

Modern nations have laws that have been developed and changed over history. For example, the Magna Carta, of 1291, removed absolute power from the king. It had basic human rights such as the right of trial. It marked the beginning of the development of modern parliamentary law.

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religious is a supernatural version of law. People comply it because they dont want to ended up in hell. Law, on the other hand, is more concrete. Disobeying the law can sentence you to jail.

That's much easier to understand.

Religion is a supernatural kind version of law. People comply with it because they don't want to ended end up in hell. Law, on the other hand, is more concrete. Disobeying the law can send sentence you to jail.

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when to use the word "sentence"?

when to use the word "sentence"

In a legal context like yours, this is generally how it works.

The police arrest you and charge you with a crime, eg robbery.

You go to court.

The jury decides if you are innocent or guilty.

If you are innocent, you can go ho me.

If you are guilty, the judge will decide on the sentence. eg The judge sentences you to 10 years in prison.

We can also say The sentence is 10 years in prison.


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